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"The Devil's Muse" Crew...
We have a plethora of amazing legends and icons
who will be appearing in and/or contributing to
"Black Dahlia" such as:
David J. (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets) will be scoring the film and making a cameo, John Neff("Mulholland Drive",BlueBob) will be mixing AND orchestrator/composer, Ego Plumwill add music and orchestration to some of the themes as well as making a cameo...
Among those contributing to the soundtrack are Nora Keyes (lead singer  of
Mr. Uncertainand many more.

We are also extremely proud to announce
that Gregg Gibbs("House Of A 1000 Corpses")
is confirmed as the Production Designer on our Black Dahlia project!   Costumes
will be provided by Freddie Rojas and SFX Make-up will be headed up by
Optic Nerve StudiosAmanda Abed will be Key Make-up Artist for straight
make-up and hair and will be providing assistance on SFX Make-up.

-Click each pic for larger view-

Director Ramzi Abed and Josh Orlando
Composer Ego Plum
Josh & Isabelle
Ramzoid from Planet Dweebie
Key Make-up Artist: Amanda Abed
Josh "all hugged up" with Masuimi Max
Josh Orlando, Gidget Gein, Jesse S., James Rhodes
Asst. Make-up Raul Vasquez with Lenora Claire
Director Ramzi Abed with camera crew Jesse, Josh & Don

*The original Director of Photography on the film, Neal Fredericks (Rest In Peace, My Friend), passed away before completion of principal photography on "Black Dahlia". He died in a tragic plane accident while filming another movie off the Florida Keys in August of 2004.

This film is dedicated to Neal L. Fredericks.

You are listening to: 
"Young Girl Thinking" 
"The Devil's Muse" Soundtrack 
Music by Ego Plum & The Ebola Orchestra 
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