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October 2008:
Where do we start?
Ramzi Abed's "THE DEVIL'S MUSE" (aka. "black dahlia movie") is released (officially on Sep. 30th 2008 in time for Rosh Hashanah and Eid al-Fitr) on a beautiful 2 Disc DVD/CD 'special edition' set from Halo 8 ( )
Read these REVIEWS of "THE DEVIL'S MUSE" here:
*Note: The dvd is a dual-layer dvd packed with amazing extras and hidden features, but even more importantly, it is REGION 0 (playable on ALL dvd players worldwide!)
It is available everywhere online (from Amazon, Virgin, Barnes & Noble, Target, Best Buy, Deep Discount,, Netflix, and more.
You can GOOGLE it here:
It will also be released digitally (podcast, download, V.O.D., etc.) in later 2008/early 2009 through Cinetic Media ( ), and their amazing new digital releasing arm, Cinetic Rights Management.
Also, in October, several amazing promotional events will be going on... including:
1) A special signing event at renowned Horror / Mystery bookstore and video shop, Dark Delicacies ( ) on Saturday, October 18th 2008 at 2pm. Among the guests will be writer/director/executive producer, Ramzi Abed, starlets, Lizzy Strain, Amie Nicole, Dame Darcy, Lenora Claire, and Bianca Barnett, along with actor, Paul Bunnell, and Gidget Gein (of Marilyn Manson fame). Count Smokula will also be on-hand for an exclusive one-song Dahlia-themed performance!
for more info.
2) SCREENINGS at THE ENGINE THEATER (Voted "Best Moving Pictures" in LA WEEKLY's 2008 "BEST OF LA" issue!
-From Oct. 23rd to Oct. 29th, "The Devil's Muse" will play on the big screen nightly at 9pm.
More info at:
Ramzi Abed's newest motion picture, "IN A SPIRAL STATE" is almost done. It is in the very final stages of post-production, as it is now having its audio sweetened and mixed for theatrical and home video use. It is a beautiful multi-language film (English and Hebrew), and truly unlike anything else before it.
"In A Spiral State" should be premiering in early 2009.
A spectacular new music video for world-famous Black Metal gods, Dimmu Borgir ( ) is out now, and you should go watch it! It was produced by Bloodshot Pictures' own Ramzi Abed, who served as the Producer on the video. Tod Junker of Junker Designs conceived and directed the video, which was for the song, "The Chosen Legacy", from the best-selling album, "In Sorte Diaboli".
Read more about it from the label, Nuclear Blast, and watch it here:
In the near future, watch out for a new music video for Bitter:Sweet, directed by Ramzi Abed!
****For more news, in general, go to HTTP://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/RAMZIABED
ye olde hat:
September 11, 2007...

Ramzi Abed is a special guest at the 2007 Silicon Convention.
October 5-7, 2007.
Many other special guests in attendance.

"THE DEVIL'S MUSE" will be screening at the convention, and Ramzi Abed will be there with art, dvds, and lots of fun surprises for sale, viewing, and listening to!

Read these recent reviews of THE DEVIL'S MUSE:

Interview with Ramzi Abed on BLOG TALK RADIO:

(click above link for 96 minute online radio interview)

January 15th 2007 marked the 60th anniversary of the the day that Elizabeth Short was found murdered and mutilated in a lot at 39th and Norton.  The murder captivated Los Angeles and set off a media frenzy fueled by the lurid life and brutal death of "THE DEVIL'S MUSE". 60 years later  this crime has still gone unsolved and still continues to captivate not just Los Angeles- but the entire world.

B.Beretta Unlimted, Ramzi Abed and 1947project all joined efforts to bring to you  "The Lost Weekend".  A weekend presenting an unrivaled array of tours,film and art that all relate to Elizabeth Short and her life and death as The Black Dahlia.

"Black Dahlia Movie" had 4 screenings throughout "The Lost Weekend" capping off with the Official Premiere on Tuesday, Jan. 16th, 2007.  The film screened at the Laemmle Grand

4-Plex in Downtown Los Angeles.  We had a great turnout with many CAST MEMBERS and SPECIAL GUESTS in attendance.  Thank you to all who joined us for this momentous occasion.

Photos from the official premiere are viewable here:


"THE DEVIL'S MUSE" screened as an official selection of the 2007 Delray Beach Film Festival.

-A new feature film, "EROTIKAFKA", which depicts original but eroticized interpretations of Franz Kafka's stories, is being assembled and developed currently by Ramzi Abed and Bloodshot Pictures. The film will be a full-length feature that will be released in both a rated and unrated (explicit) version.

"Erotikafka" will be directed by Ramzi Abed, Rolfe Kanefsky("The Hazing"), and two (or three) other directors as yet unnamed. It is an anthology film with Franz Kafka's historical character playing the bookending parts of the movie. This is all tentative, but more news will be coming soon in regards to this unique and somewhat ambitious little experiment in art and erotica. Production will most likely take place in Prague (Czech Republic).

"A Spiral State" (working title) is the latest feature film presently in production. It is also written and directed by Ramzi Abed, and stars a number of new Hollywood talents including Juliana Fine, Mae Moreno, Ofri Fuchs, Adam Meir, and Bianca Barnett. The film is a multi-layered, multi-language (English, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean) existential mystery focused on several characters struggling with their ambitions and love while living in the city of dreams, Los Angeles. The film is being produced by Ramzi Abed, Ken Cravens, and Eric Fleming. A long rough promo teaser is viewable here: A SPIRAL STATE (TEASER)

You can also visit the official "A Spiral State" MySpace page here:

In the late stages of development, "Tagger" is a new feature length film written (and to be directed) by Ramzi Abed. It is a high-concept horror film centered around the streets of Hollywood, graffiti, and the low-brow artworld. "Tagger" should be ready for production in early 2008.

Two new music videos directed by Ramzi Abed are now online:

-Lead actress in "THE DEVIL'S MUSE", Kristen Kerr has a role in David Lynch's new digital feature film, "Inland Empire" which will premiere quite soon. Synchronistically, Mr. Lynch also cast Abed regular, Masuimi Max, in his mysterious new movie. Congrats to both Kristen and Masuimi for their roles in this upcoming film!
-Principal Photography on BLACK DAHLIA wrapped in late 2005. Post Production should be finished very soon.  

-Ramzi Abed is very excited about a new friendship and collaborative energy existing now with the great LA metal/rock band, MY RUIN. Look for some amazing collaborations with this amazing band, and the ever-talented Tarrie B and Mick Murphy. Also look out for some of MY RUIN's music in Abed's upcoming film(s).

-Congratulations to "THE DEVIL'S MUSE" actor, Gidget Gein, on his art openings, especially the amazing show he had in New York. Gidget, you're amazing, and may 2006 bring you nothing but joy, success, and even more creative energy. Rock on!
Actor/Filmmaker, Cinque Lee ("Mystery Train"), plays 'Joe' in "THE DEVIL'S MUSE", and has an amazing presence in the movie.

Learn a little more about Cinque Lee at filmmaker, Kevin Ford's site:

-Director, Ramzi Abed, is embarking on 2 new music videos for the Seattle band, RED MARTIAN. These videos will be produced in early 2006.

-Speaking of music videos, Ramzi Abed, is open and available to direct/produce music videos.
-"Best Motion Picture Soundtrack" Award, "THE DEVIL'S MUSE" -David J,   2004 Creepfest Film Festival ( ).

-"THE DEVIL'S MUSE" interview in Moviemaker Magazine: MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE

-"THE DEVIL'S MUSE" fashion/costume designer, Freddie Rojas, and his new site went live at 




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